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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes and no: when you join you select the charity. If your charity isn’t on the list you can manually enter their details. We cannot split donations between multiple charities at this time.

Yes it is.

Yes. You get an email within 5 working days of your box arriving with us.

We’re proud to be able to send 50% of the value of your items to your chosen charity.

Running a charity requires fundraising, marketing, staff, infrastructure, and premises - and these all come at a cost.

That means a sizeable percentage of the funds raised by a charity go towards these essential elements, and the rest goes towards the charitable cause. Without one, you wouldn’t have the other.

Due to their increased running costs, charities with physical premises generally don’t send even 40% of their profits to the end cause. In fact,’s Annual Charity Shop Survey 2017 found that the average profit as a percentage of income for the top 75 charity shops in the UK was just 19%.

By donating through Vintage Giving, you’re making a crucial additional contribution to your chosen cause’s fundraising stream.

Not right now but we are launching in many countries in 2019. Sign up and we will notify you when we are live in your country.

No, we cover the cost of postage and we charge you no fees for handling your items.

There are a few simple steps, you can see them here. If you have a specific question or would just like us to send you some more information, leave us a message here.

Yes. When you join you get 1 free postage label and can send a box weighing up to 30kg. However, you can call to arrange a home collection as many times as you like.

Send us a message here and give us some more details. We’re more than happy to help if you have a large amount.

You can speak with our team using the contact options above.

Yes, the prepaid postage labels we provide including up to £300 insurance via Parcel Force and are tracked as well, for peace of mind. If you do not get a confirmation message to say your box has arrived within 3 days of sending, please contact us.

No not yet. Clothing and textiles are still better to take down to the charity shop as we don’t have an expert in these areas at the moment.

No not yet. We don’t accept books or any printed media; we simply don’t have an expert in this area at the moment.

No not yet. You can take these to a charity shop or sell them to services like Music Magpie or Zapper and then donate the money afterwards.

Yes. When you join you get 1 free postage label and can send a box weighing up to 30kg. However, you can call to arrange a home collection as many times as you like.

When we receive your box the team appraise your goods within 3 days and calculate the value. The amount is sent to the charity within 30 days of month end.

Our customer service team will be more than happy to advise on the kinds of items we can and can’t accept and you can contact them using the option above.

Absolutely! We have a dedicated charity team who would be happy to advise you on how to get started. Please call us on 0800 0221 191 or use the form below.

The best kinds of parcels to generate a great offer for your donation have a little bit of everything for example: Jewellery, watches, silver, even an old teddy bear! View the full range here.

We do, yes. You can call our team to book a collection on 0800 0221 191 between 10am and 6pm, Monday to Friday or request a callback using the form below.

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