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Sustainability-led fundraising. Turning your old and unused vintage items into donations for St Basil's. Everything you send gets sold or used, nothing ever goes to waste.

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Your donation helps St Basil's to work with young people, enabling them to find and keep a home and develop their skills.


They don’t have to be in perfect condition or working. Although, they raise even more money if they are.

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We have joined forces with St Basil's to make it even easier to help their important work with young people. St Basil's works with young people to toRead more enable them find and keep a home, grow their confidence, develop their skills, increase opportunities and prevent homelessness.

St Basils is both a Charity and a Housing Association with 45+ years track record of providing a holistic range of accommodation and support services to young people aged 16-25 who are homeless, vulnerable or at risk.

The stereotypes of homelessness can all too quickly attach themselves to young people and trap them in a cycle of homelessness and on a restrictive pathway. A focus only on need, risks and problems can overshadow talents, strengths and ambition.

Through our FREE and simple service, your old stuff is turned into a much needed donation to St Basil's.

Send us a box full of items and we take care of the rest. St Basil's receives a sum of money based on the value of the items you send in. The more you send, the more money the charity raises.Show less
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Some of the attendees of the 5 week #YouCan Employability programme taking part in a Teamwork exercise. The young people that attend #YouCan fully gain an OCN Award and a range of experiences that they could potentially discuss during an interview.

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Order your FREE Donation Pack to get started. Vintage Giving handles everything for St Basil's, saving time and valuable money, helping the end cause receive more.


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Find a box and fill with old or vintage items. Up to 30KG.


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Get a free Parcelforce home collection, or drop off at a Post Office for free.

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Donated items turned into funds for St Basil's, in your name.

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Help St Basil's and prevent youth homelessness. Your donated goods will be promoting a more responsible way of living.

Most of the things people send sit in homes for years and then often end up in landfill. By donating your old items, you’ll be giving them a new home and helping more people buy used, instead of new.

We make sure nothing goes to waste. Every donation is sold, repurposed or recycled. Be a part in fuelling the circular economy and start packing up your box.


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Recent Donations

How other people are helping

£362 Raised


Sophie from London raised £362 with this selection of silver spoons, jewellery and pens.

“The items had just been sat in the bureau for years and I thought it was time they did something useful.”

£70 Raised


Penny from Barnet raised £70 by sending in her old, tangled and unwanted jewellery.

“I hadn’t worn any of these bits in a while. I’m thrilled my old stuff has gone on to make a difference!”

£55 Raised


Pete from Manchester raised £55 from this collection of items.

“Brilliant. Absolutely chuffed. I’ve no interest in the bits I sent in but I’ve been wanting to help St Basil's more for a while now. Such an easy way to help do some good!”


will help support a young person out of homelessness and transform their life.


will buy a young person a new pair of smart shoes so they can attend an interview following completion of the #YouCan Employability programme.


will buy brand new bedding and bed linen for a young person to help them settle-in to their new accommodation.

Free Donation Pack


Just by clearing out some old things from your home, you’ll be able to support St Basil's. Order your donation pack now.


Use the new way to support St Basil's work with young people, enabling them to find and keep a home and develop their skills.


Declutter to free your mind as well as space in your home.

Piggy bank

Help support the circular economy.

Just by clearing out some old things from your home, you’ll be able to support St Basil's. Order your donation pack now.

Free Donation Pack

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes and no: when you join you select the charity. If your charity isn’t on the list you can manually enter their details. We cannot split donations between multiple charities at this time.

Yes it is. Your donation is given to your chosen charity in your name, giving them the opportunity to thank you for your generosity.

Yes. You get an email within 5 working days of your box arriving with us.

Your chosen charity receives 100% of the value of your donated items. By donating through Vintage Giving, you’re making a crucial contribution to your chosen cause’s fundraising stream.

Once we have accepted your donated items we give your chosen charity the money your donation has raised.

Your donated items now become part of our stock. We aim to sell your items for up to twice their original value through our worldwide network of traders, collectors, dealers and online platforms. This is to cover all costs that we incur for distribution, personnel, IT and office costs, for example.

By donating through us, you’re raising money for your chosen cause, preventing items ending up in landfill and giving your old items a second life!

Not right now but we are launching in many countries in 2019. Sign up and we will notify you when we are live in your country.

No, we cover the cost of postage and we charge you no fees for handling your items.

There are a few simple steps, you can see them here. If you have a specific question or would just like us to send you some more information, leave us a message here.

Yes. When you join you get 1 free postage label and can send a box weighing up to 30kg. However, you can call to arrange a home collection as many times as you like.

Send us a message here and give us some more details. We’re more than happy to help if you have a large amount.


Free Donation Pack

Free Donation Pack